Banner Ad Design Tips from Professionals

In the world of advertising, creative and innovative advertisements come up every day. Companies looking to boost their online traffic can with Web banner ad design. It is a systematic creation of web banner ad using basic design guidelines. Designers use their creativity along with these basic principles to create these ads. Banner ads are a very good method of online marketing. Companies hire Banner Printing Services India because web banner ads are affordable, effective and help increase online brand awareness. Well designed banner designs are only effective when it reaches the right audience.

Here are a few tips that banner design online India use to create attractive yet effective banner designs –

Decide the size of the banner – some of the most effective banner sizes are Leaderboard (728×90px), Half Page (300×600px) and Large Rectangle.

Prioritize the structure and elements in the banner – Every banner ad design must have the following elements present: The name of the company and its logo, the service or message to be made public, a call to action button and a visual representation of the message conveyed. The portions that must be highlighted should be the value proposition and the call to action buttons. The company logo must be placed ideally on the upper left corner of the banner and the image must be relevant yet attractive.

Make the call to action stand out – the call to action button invites users to click on the ad. Good calls to action include “Let’s get started”, “learn more” “try now”. The focus of the banner must be on the CTA button and should be on the lower right side of the banner. To make sure it does not get lost in the midst of all the information, this button must be in contrast with the rest of the elements.

Select the right image – not only should the image in the ad be attractive, it should be relevant to the message being conveyed through the ad. Banner Printing Online India companies believe that custom graphics work better than photographs. Typography in banners is a fast-growing trend. According to a survey, people respond better to smiling human faces, hence if you are using human faces in your ads, make sure they’re looking directly at the viewers. You can use filters to enhance the images and make them more eye catchy.

The right choice of colours – based on the brand, the target audience and the product, the right colour combination for the ad must be decided. Each colour represents a specific emotion and is relatable with the product, for example, purple is used for high-end luxury goods, pink is used for female products and green for natural products.

Use animation – using motion graphics and animation will add elegance and fun to your ad. This will grab the attention of the audience quickly.

Web banner ads are challenging to create because it needs to have a perfect blend of creativity and relevancy. The marketing message needs to shine through. A good ad can make or break a marketing campaign and Banner Designing Online companies do their best to create truly awesome, high performing ads.

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