Why Writing With Your Hand Is Still Important In The Digital Age?

It might be true that in this digital age writing by hand has gone kind of obsolete.  The young generation will always opt for digital writing in their workplaces instead of the traditional way of writing. And this is something quite natural on their part because digital writing has its own perks. It is convenient for several reasons. You can hold thousands of book and material in a single piece of machine. They are accessible and user-friendly .with just a tap in the screen a new vast world will unfold before the user.

But despite these several advantages, online Notebook Printing India service providers are of the opinion that teachers and educationists will always prefer the age-old traditional mode of writing by hand. This way of learning has quite many advantages.

  1. Development of skills – Writing by hand develops the handwriting skills of a child immensely. Not only that but taking down notes by hand while listening to dictation improves their concentration and engagement skill. It also aids in physical coordination
  2. Improves the power to think – You automatically engage your thinking process while you read or write as these are repetitive acts. It may seem easier for a student to compose an essay on a device. But if the same thing is done by writing, the process becomes slower and it helps the person to think and formulate. You need to engage your creativity here rather than simply copy-pasting everything from the internet in your digital device. Generally, it is found that students who write by their hand are more creative and their thinking process is much more enriched.
  3. Memory – Researchers have found that if you jot down something that you have learned or listened it makes you remember it efficiently. So use your digital device to make use of this traditional one. Grab it to use the Notebook Printing Online Services.
  4. Benefits of using a notebook – Always keep a notebook handy with you. Instead of taking phone numbers or address in your device just use a notebook. Surprisingly it will make you remember every information you have taken down. You will find many Notebook Printing Services India
  5. Learning and creativity – As mentioned earlier the learning skill of a student is increased immensely. Many reputed and well-known schools all over the world still opt for this traditional way of learning, unlike many others. Originality and ingenuity of a child is boosted a lot
  6. Printing presses – It might seem a trivial issue, but the printing presses all throughout the world are suffering a fatal blow. Steps should be taken to save these Notebook Printing Services India is suffering in this digital world too.


With the world changing, technology taking over our lives, it is important to save some traditional old values. And in this case, the age-old value of writing by hand is one of the most mandatory among those. This habit fosters ingenuity and originality among men essential for the survival of this civilization.

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