Efficient Tips for Filling OMR Sheets

Students giving entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, UPSEE/UPTU, WBJEE, VITEEE, SRMJEE and many more every year. Answer sheet printing service India offers OMR sheet for the student to fill them up. Student giving these types of exams often have questions like how to effectively fill the OMR sheet. Well if you don’t know what OMR sheet is then briefly OMR refers to Optical Mark Recognition.

Exams at the entrance are of two types. Online mode and offline mode. Students need to sit in front of the computer to give the online exam by clicking of the answers in the options. Exams like JEE Advanced, VITEEE & SRMJEE are online mode exams. Whereas exams like UPSEE AND WBJEE are the offline mode of examinations. Students need to sit with an OMR sheet and the question paper. As soon as solving the questions they need to fill the right option in the answer tab. Some efficient tips will help the appearing students to fill the OMR sheet efficiently and within the duration of the examination hours.

Let us have a look at what are the tips for efficient filling of OMR sheet are.

Try to avoid filling OMR in the last 15 minutes

If you are planning to solve all the questions and finally at the end of the exam when 15 to 20 minutes is left fill the OMR sheet, do not ever try to do this. This will create a big blunder. If you are unable to complete the OMR sheet in the last 15 minutes the whole exam will be marked useless. Solving the paper and not properly filling the OMR sheet on time will actually become a difficult situation for the candidates.

Fill after solving the questions

As soon as the particular question is solved try to fill the OMR sheet. This helps the students to update the sheet so sooner did they solved the particular question. Though it maintains accuracy, the process tends to lower the speed of solving the paper. The candidate often fails to complete the paper. Thus accuracy should be maintained but another thing should also be considered that the speed should be enhanced in order to complete the paper on time.

Filling the sheet at the end

Examination paper printing services design the paper which helps the students to fill up the OMR sheet easily inking the circle. But it is not as easy as we think. If after solving the paper a candidate keeps in mind that the filling of the OMR sheet to solve at last it will be a fruitful approach. The time may get over and despite solving the question, if the candidates fail to completely solve the paper it will be marked not useful.

Filling after a fixed interval

The most recommended way to fill the OMR sheet is filling the paper after a fixed interval. As soon as a set of 5 or 10 questions are done solved try to fill the sheet. Frequently updating the sheet helps the student to maintain accuracy along with speed.


Never try to fill the sheet if the questions are not fully solved. If you feel that the answer will be wrong leave the question and continue with the other.

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