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Agarbatti Box Printing

Types of Agarbatti Packaging Boxes:

  • Regular Agarbatti Boxes : Designed to house traditional agarbattis, these boxes provide a protective and visually appealing solution.
  • Incense Stick Inner Boxes : Specifically crafted to securely hold and organize incense sticks, ensuring their aroma and quality are preserved.
  • Incense Stick Outer Boxes :These boxes are tailored to showcase the elegance and beauty of your incense stick products, captivating customers with attractive packaging


Introducing a versatile range of mono-carton boxes designed to perfectly accommodate various types of agarbatti products. Crafted with precision and expertise, these boxes ensure the protection, presentation, and safe transportation of your fragrant offerings. With finishing options including ITC, Duplex, and Corrugation, our agarbatti packaging boxes guarantee quality, durability, and flexibility to suit your specific needs.

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