Ruby Print N Pack

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  • Premium Quality : Elevate your envelopes with smooth, matte, uncoated, and bright white paper for a professional touch.
  • Two Paper Options : Choose from 80gsm / 100gsm / 120gsm  & etc. paper stock, catering to your specific needs.
  • Various Sizes : Enjoy standard sizes ranging from 9.5X4.25 inch / 11X5inch/ 9.5X11.5inch and customs sizes suitable for diverse mailing requirements.
  • Time-Saving Option : Opt for the pre-printed address and return address feature, streamlining your mailing process.
  • Impress Recipients : Leave a lasting impression with envelopes that exude class and sophistication.




An envelope is a flat, usually rectangular paper container used to enclose and protect documents, letters, or other items for mailing or storage purposes. It typically has a foldable flap that seals the contents inside. Envelopes come in various sizes, materials, and designs, catering to different mailing and communication needs. They serve as an essential part of business and personal correspondence, ensuring secure and organized delivery of messages and items.

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