Ruby Print N Pack

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  • Elevate Your Brand : Custom satin finish lanyards with your business logo or name.
  • Attractive Touch : 30 inches long, 12 / 16 / 20mm wide satin touch for a luxurious feel.
  • Wide Range of Colors : Choose colors that match your business theme.
  • Professional Branding : Leave a lasting impression with these eye-catching lanyards.
  • Enhance Brand Identity : Increase your brand presence with professionally designed lanyards.


Lanyards are practical accessories crafted from durable materials like Satin silk. They provide a hands-free solution for securely holding identification badges, keys, or small items, making them popular choices for conferences, events, schools, and workplaces. Available in various colors, widths, and styles, lanyards offer customization options with logos or messages to enhance brand visibility. Their functional design and convenience make them a versatile accessory for everyday use.


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