Ruby Print N Pack

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  • Sizes : Enjoy the perfect portable size of A5 / 7X9inch or A4 with 80-160 white pages of 80gsm/100gsm or Customs, providing ample space for your notes and ideas.
  • Eye-catching Cover : Make a statement with a top cover page featuring multicolor printing of 300gsm or customs gsm. Choose between a matte,  glossy or drip-offUV varnish finish to suit your style.
  • Convenient Format : The soft top cover and wire-o binding offer flexibility and easy handling for your daily use.
  • Customizable Pages : Tailor your notebook to your needs with options like daily planners, diary-style layouts, ruled lines, grid paper, or dotted sheets, allowing you to personalize your notebook to perfection.


Notebooks are versatile and essential tools for jotting down thoughts, notes, and sketches. With various sizes and page styles available, they cater to different needs, making them perfect companions for education, work, and personal use. Whether you need ruled lines for writing, grids for sketching, or blank pages for free expression, notebooks offer a convenient and organized way to capture your ideas and keep them safe.



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