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Pharma Medical Boxes

Types of Mono Carton Boxes:

  • Tablet Mono Cartons :Thoughtfully crafted to ensure secure and safe packaging for pharmaceutical tablets. Customizable for size, printing, and tamper-evident features, these mono cartons meet pharmaceutical packaging standards, guaranteeing product safety and compliance.
  • Syrup / Healthy drinks Mono Cartons : Tailored to fit various syrup bottle sizes, these mono cartons are ideal for packaging pharmaceutical syrups. With high-quality printing options, including embossing and metallic finishes, these cartons enhance brand image while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Catch Cover Mono Cartons : Ensuring protection and security, these cartons are designed to house catch covers for pharmaceutical products. Customizable and tamper-evident, they guarantee the integrity of your products while adhering to pharmaceutical packaging standards.


Discover a comprehensive array of mono-carton boxes meticulously designed to cater to diverse medical packaging needs. Crafted from high-quality materials, these mono cartons provide unwavering protection against contamination and damage during storage and transit. With customizable options for size, printing, and tamper-evident features, our pharma mono cartons adhere to stringent pharmaceutical packaging standards and regulations, offering reliable and cost-effective solutions for your medical products.

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